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How Can I Enjoy The Game As a Beginner? Without Ruining Everyone Else’s Game!

Posted on: May 1, 2013
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Often times people approach the game of golf with trepidation…maybe because in theory it seems so simple yet can be so difficult…

I mean all we have to do is hit this little white ball into a hole that is plenty big enough right? And then we simply do this for the course of the round, be 9 or 18 holes…hmm seems pretty simple.

Yet when we get out there as a beginner we find that making contact is not only a trick, but then when contact is made there’s this other thing called direction we have to contend with…

As new players begin the game, especially when playing with a friend or spouse who may be a person who has played a while (I almost wrote better player, which is far from accurate) has invited you to play and while you’re out there they want to give you advice.

Now this advice is meant to help you enjoy the game and the afternoon or day…unfortunately in many cases it can add to massive frustration and could result in one never really wanting to return. Let me explain…

Let’s say you have been asked to ride bikes…you’ve never ridden a bike before by the way…and your friend not only asks you to ride bikes but also is taking you on a very challenging rife through the mountains on trails.

Now they have been doing this trail ride for years and they enjoy the part where they ride alongside a drop off into a canyon that seems to go forever and the trails barely allows for your tires to stay on the mountain…

So let’s just say on this ride you fall down a few times and skin your hands and legs up and the next day you wake up sore and bruised…

The next time a friend calls and suggests bike riding are you real anxious to go?  I can guess probably not.


In my opinion it’s because the experience as a new person on a bike…now let’s get back to golf, the experience was not a pleasant one…what our loved one or friend thought was a great experience was too difficult with too many factors to calculate and cause mental and physical anguish…oh fun right! While you’re at it will you please pull out my eyebrows!

But wait there is hope!

I am going to suggest a different method…one that will make everyone’s day more enjoyable, including those behind you making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as they watch you take your 5th swack with the driver on the 3rd tee…

I am going to call it the Two-Club Method.

The rules of golf permit you to can carry as many as 14 clubs legally.  But to actually play… you are only required to have at least one. So why, if you’re a beginner, would you get out there and have 14 clubs to choose from, when you really have no idea what they all do or when or how to use them?

Time for a different approach!

What I want you to do is take two clubs and enjoy the day and the experience.  Take your putter and one other club (no not the driver)!  Take your 7 iron or your 9 iron.  And then use this club to tee off with and to hit every shot until your ball is on the green.

And to keep it more enjoyable, you might even want to drop your ball in the fairway at the 150 yard marker and avoid the whole teeing off program for now!  Like taking a ride in the park where it’s flat and smooth with lots of grass to land on should you fall! J Versus walking on glass with no shoes!

In addition to playing the Two-Club Method…put a limit on your stroke count.  On each hole say to your friends or playing partners, when your score reaches double par, you’re going to pick up and enjoy the day and re-start on the next hole….do this at the beginning so everyone knows your intent and doesn’t feel sorry for you.


Now my one piece of advice for all beginners (or all levels actually) is giving you the answer to one simple question that comes up often…”how do I hit my ball straight?”  I have included a link below that will help you understand my next line…when the club is traveling towards your target and the face of the club is square or facing the target at impact, it has to go straight…simple right…that’s how you can enjoy playing golf as a newbie and allow everyone to have fun, enjoy your company and want to play again and again!

Just click the link below for a video I created to show you how to hit the ball straight…I call it the six tee drill…it’s a little drill you can do on the range to help get better at not only knowing what you have to do to make it go straight, but how to actually make it happen on purpose…Click the link and please feel free to give me feedback and share with a friend!

Be sure to also check out our new site when it comes out. http://www.theonlinegolfclinic.com

It will be packed with golf instruction videos from the grip to how to take it to the course!

In the meantime, enjoy the six tee drill below.

Six Tee Drill Video

Tiger Woods + Augusta National = Green Jacket

Posted on: April 13, 2013
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The season for golf, when it comes to the majority of the United States begins to come into focus right about now…because The Masters becomes a true sign of spring.

I know we have the groundhog that posps its head out to see or not see its shadow to determine more or less winter…but for golfers, Augusta and the rows and rows of brightly blooming flowers and sounds of balls being hit off #1 tee and the roars from 15 when something amazing or unexpected happens is our true sign spring has arrived!

As I write this, in the early hours of day 3, I mean Saturday morning of the Masters I reflect on how excited I was when I first saw Tiger Woods burst onto the scene and play his first Masters as a Professional…

And then on day 2 how he very quickly began to show he is again the number 1 player in the world as he methodically made his way around this magnificent patch of grass in Georgia and climbed, what seemed effortlessly to the top of the leaderboard…wow spring had arrived and Tiger was truly on his way again to reach his goal…reach and exceed 18 majors in his career.

But then something happened…something unexpected.  He reached hole 15…a very reachable par 5.

Tiger was position “A” hitting his third shot from what I am sure a perfect distance for the wedge shot he would love to have….

The swing and contact were unmistakable…the Champion was in his element…this ball was flying right at the hole, seeking another birdie to take another shot from par and extend a lead on the incredible deep field…

Except this shot, the shot that for golfers, should he not go on to take the Green Jacket and the Trophy and his 15 Major in just 36 hours from now…could be the “Shot Heard Round the World”.

Because instead of his ball taking one hop and checking within or very close to a mere formality…strikes the flag and like a rabbit being chased by a bloodhound, scurries in the the creek just on front of the green.

Now for most this would be a dagger to upend a great round…and yes while Tiger went on to finish now trailing the leader, young Jason Day, by 3…he is now prowling, lurking like a Tiger that had his feast just get away when he had it right where he wants it…

Tiger Woods will bounce back and in my opinion get his 15th Major at the end of the day on Sunday…not because I am a die hard Tiger Fan, but rather he has done what so many great champions in so many sports before and after him will do to rise to that status:

He has done the extra, he has done the extra reps on and off the range and given failure a beating it cannot take or hold him back…and he know and feels, yes feels like he is back and ready to make one more dominant run to the Top of The LeaderBoard…

Stop and smell the flowers at Augusta and Enjoy Round 3 and 4 of The 2013 Masters


Who do you think has the juice and the internal power, if not Tiger to win this years Masters?  Post your comment and let’s see.

First Tee Core Value Judgment

Posted on: February 28, 2013
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As  a First Tee PLAYer student they are expected to begin knowing the Core Values.  Below is one of the Core Values they would learn in PLAYer level 6 and 9

Please give 3 examples of how you used GOOD Judgment when it came to living a healthy lifestyle…and what you are going to do to make sure you too are healthy.

USGA and Mr. Nager Get Real(?) About Slow Play

Posted on: February 5, 2013
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USGA and President Mr. Nager Get Real About Slow Play

USGA Wages War on Slow Play

On Monday February 4th in the online golf publication Global Golf Post an article was shared from featuring the USGA President, Glen D. Nager, from their annual association meeting  in San Diego California, making a stand on slow play and how important this is for the good of the game. 

As a golf professional who has been doing this successfully for about a quarter century, in my opinion, it was missing the mark completely.
Let me explain as I mean no disresp

ect to the USGA or Mr. Nager.“As part of this effort, Nager voiced his support for nine-hole rounds. We must also recognize that regardless of pace of play, many golfer simply do not have time for 18 holes of golf”

My take-away on this article and

comment concerning “the war on slow play” had very little to do with how to play faster and more on how to reduce overall time with the solution to cut the round in half versus real alternative answers that can be shared by country clubs and courses, along with every player on what their responsibility is when they hit the links.

The average golfer does not know really how to play the game

 beyond the rudimentary basics like what is a tee box, a green, a driver.  Again this is not meant in any disrespect to golfers and addressing more of the nuances of the game.

An example is, as a Teacher of the game, when I ask a

 golfer what two things must be present simultaneously to hit a straight shot…rarely do they know…

Or when I query about the correct procedure if a ball were to be hit out of bounds and what options do they can or must follow…again very unclear.

Now I could go on and on, but I feel the answers lie in

 education and not just more enforcement of “laws” that the average golfer does not really know and worse does not understand how much quicker and enjoyable the round could be if they knew these things.

I would be remiss if i did not mention the things like, when your group is on the green, who should be pulling the flag, and when done who is responsible for putting it back?

How about knowing who’s turn it is when you’re all standin

We have created a series of videos addressing every one of these issues and more.  Ranging from how to dress, to where to park the cart to cell phone etiquette.  You name it we have created the video to help others understand how they are to handle themselves on the course…almost every one would have a positive impact on pace of play….and as a bonus condition of the course.

I would say every golf club, yes every golf club should be sending these out to anyone in their database, every week…so each week they would receive a short 1-3 minute video covering the different topics and help them become more educated and learn the rules of the road and have more fun.

A golf club, by contacting us, swingpointmedia,(760-413-3508, Jeff Harrison) can have a custom made email template, branded from their club, and a new video each and every week to send to their database for a very low fee of $59 a month.
And should an individual want to become a weekly recipient, just go to www.golfetiquette.tv and sign up for the free weekly Etiquette Moment Videos.

Let’s make a difference and keep this game moving in the right direction…by the way the PGA of America, The LPGA and Golf HAll of Fame have all given green lights on these videos and have written about them and shared the idea…right now we share them around the globe…so go now to www.golfetiquette.tv and sign up today

g in the fairway?  Or how much time do you really have when its your turn to execute your shot?
When I ask this question I get anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes…further supporting the answer to the issue…hard to do what someone does not know is right or wrong.

In closing i cannot tell you (and I know fellow professionals


and rangers know what I am talking about) when slow play has occurred and I would drive out to see what’s going on and the group is out of position, meaning they have fallen more than a hole behind the group in front…yet they will say something like “well the group behind us isn’t waiting on us”  yet they are 1 or 2 holes behind.

Thus the 5 hour round Mr. Nager refers to in his comments as the ones hurting the game and it’s growth.

Okay onto a solution.

Putting and Controlling Direction

Posted on: January 19, 2013
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Whe we discuss direction, two factors play a role; the direction the clubface is pointing at impact and the second being the path the club is traveling when it strikes the ball.

So if you’re having trouble say hitting putts that always seem to curve at the end, even when a break is not present, then chances are you have the face less that square or pointed at your target at contact…

And if you strike putts that immediately are off line, then it is a path issue.  In the video above we go into a simple drill on how to determine if its path or clubface…or quite frankly both and more importantly how to get them both doing what they should be doing more consistently.

Enjoy this golf swing tip on Putting and Direction Control and for more, make sure you sign up for  our monthly golf tips…


Golf Instruction – Questions You Must Ask Your Instructor 2

Posted on: January 9, 2013
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Golf Instruction and the questions you must ask your instructor #2

OK so did your pro know the answer? Let’s hope your answer is yes and you are now hitting it straighter…and if not the answer and the video from the last article has cured your crooked shots.

Let’s get right into this when it comes to golf lessons and the questions you must ask your pro…

This next question is one the National Golf Foundation did a survey on a few years back to find out why people play the game as well as the main reason for leaving the game…so I felt it must also be a very good and important question to ask your golf instructor before you unload with a few bucks for a golf lesson(s).

My goal in this series of articles giving you basic but critically important questions you should ask before taking lessons and committing resources of time and money to is not to negatively say anything about fellow professionals…but rather to make sure you get the best instruction possible to improve your golf games…now, back to the survey.

Survey said:  The reason people play the game? And leave to game?

Same answer…hitting the ball solid or lack of solid contact.

So the question you should ask your golf instructor when about to take lessons should be:

“Can you tell me or show me what must happen to hit solid shots? And do you have specific drills to help me improve my contact?”

Seems simple right?

Well let me share a couple of responses I have received over the years and thousands of students that have come to me after not getting the results from others they were seeking…

  1. To hit solid shots, you must drive your legs into the shot!
  2. To hit solid shots you must lead with your hands! (ahhh…sorry!)
  3. You must trap the ball! (while this may be true, most people haven’t a clue what this means)
  4. And my favorite…you must move the ball round in your stance as the club changes…really? NOT!

If your guy or gal cannot describe a simple recipe of what your body is supposed to do to achieve consistent solid contact and a drill or two on how to build this new recipe without going to Hyde Park and the Culinary Institute, then it may be time to move on as you are not a crash dummy that they need or should run trial and error drills on…

So at the end of each article, as promised, all you need to do to have instant access to not only the principles or laws of physics that are easily repeatable to make solid contact,  but I will also include a drill to help you improve your direction.

Click here to get the facts and the video drill you can begin using immediately.

Golf Instruction – Questions You Must Ask Your Instructor

Posted on: January 4, 2013
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Golf Lessons and knowing the facts on what it really takes to improve can be extremely beneficial.

In our society when we go to a restaurant or a new show at the movie theater we do what?  Research and find out if the service was fair poor or excellent…along with the food being top notch and a great value right?

Yet when we go to take a golf lesson from our local club professional or someone who is rated in the top 100 our research is limited to what we’ve heard from others much of the time.

My point being it made me think as a Professional Teacher of the Game…what questions should the person going to get instruction ask before they commit to fork over anywhere from 50-300 bucks and hour in hopes to improving their golf games?

So the first question, if I were you, is I would ask this male or female teaching professional:

“What must happen to make the ball go straight? “or “Hey what makes the ball go straight?”

Now if this person begins to give you all sorts of vague and mysterious answers that require smoke and mirrors you should become concerned and think twice about spending any additional time or money.

Some knockout responses might sound or look like this:

  1. It all has to do with your alignment…
  2. It means you must keep your left arm straight, or right arm for lefties…
  3. And my favorite…you must keep your head down…

There are a host of answers I have heard over the years that my students have told me that like the ones above are so wrong and so far off base that it has driven me to write this series of articles about the questions you must ask your golf instructor…before paying for game improvement.

By the way it’s probably important to know the answer before you go so that you’ll know if this person is able to teach you how to hit it straight…or experiment on you like Dr. Frankenstein…

So at the end of each article all you need to do to have instant access to not only the principles or laws of physics that are easily repeatable to make the ball go straight but I will also include a drill to help you improve your direction.

Click here to get the facts and the video drill you can begin using immediately.

In the next insertion we will discuss the #1 reason people stay in or leave the game and the questions you must ask your golf instructor…before you sign on for lesson.

Golf Lesson – Controlling Your Distance When Putting

Posted on: December 29, 2012
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When working to improve your golf game it is critical that one learns early on how to control the distance they roll the ball when putting…seems pretty simple right?  Yet more and more people are able to get the ball 350 yards in 2 or 3 shots, yet walk away with a 6 or higher due to inability to control their putting distances.

Putting should be the easy part right…i mean you’ve already maneuvered the ball several hundred yards in most cases in just a few shots, ones that allow you to apply brute force I might add…and then you have to have the touch and finesse of a diamond cutter!

Well when you want to become a better putter and lower your scores the number one way to do this, as I have seen with my students over the past 2+decades has been through putting…specifically by being able, upon demand to control how far they roll the ball each time.

So here’s the secret…

I want you to develop a process whereby when you are ready to put, just like driving your car down the road and the speed limit sign guides you as to how fast you drive…the same holds true with putting.

Physics tells us speed times mass equals distance…not length of stroke or how hard you hit it (we want a stroke versus a hit) so the speed of our power source will determine the distance it goes…

So we want to set up a process, much like a filing system in our home offices, when we get an electric bill we know after its been paid it goes in the electric company file folder.

So when we have a putt of say 6 steps away, we know what speed is necessary to make the ball roll this distance…or any other distance we encounter.

In the video below we walk you right through it…step by step


Etiquette Moments – When is a Ball Holed?

Posted on: November 9, 2012
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Etiquette goes beyond just knowing who gets the flag or where to stand when someone is hitting so you don’t disturb them.  It also includes knowing the rules and definitions for the game we play called golf.

In this post we want to discuss and share a video that covers defining a ball being holed.

A ball is holed when it technically comes to rest in the bottom of the cup…and not before when our golfing buddies in a stroke play round tell us the putt is good and we pick it up…it must be holed or come to rest at the bottom of the cup.  In other words no such things as gimmies in a stroke play competition.

Although when you are in a match play event, you may be given a putt that is not technically holed.  The putt is considered given meaning if you’ve struck it, as an example, 3 prior strokes, the score is a 4. (meaning it would have gone in the hole with 1 additional stroke but is given by your opponent)

So enjoy this video insertion by Jeff Harrison and Amy Anderson explaining Ball Holed.





Adding Value with Video

Posted on: September 1, 2012
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Adding Value with Video is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate to current folks who know us as well as to those who may be looking for a product or service we offer.

But just how do we leverage this power in a way that is useful and appreciated by our fans and future followers.

I think the best way is to create a sample business and demonstrate if I were coaching a client this is what I would have them do.

Let’s use a dear lady who is a friend and a business owner.  She owns a company called Ewe-n-Me.  It is a yarn store located in a high traffic location but like so many it has seasonal customers.

This creates the up and down cycle for a business owner we would rather avoid and work to stabilze.

For this store I would use video in the following ways, using a 3 to 4 step process.

Step One:

Create a frequent yarn technique tip that goes out to everyone who signs up on her email list.  This would be a free service that when the customers on the list get this video tip, they look forward to it and find it incredibly relevant and value driven…

(these tips can be 1-3 minutes in length and done quite quickly and easily)

Now this store does not have a website. This should not slow her down as Youtube is a great place to host a Ew-N-Me Youtube channel, dedicated to people who love to knit!

Step Two:

I would begin to do just as I am doing. Write relevant useful bolgs that her niche will find helpful and post them on sites where people in her niche hang out.  At the end of each post her CYA, Call To Action, would be to sign up for her free Video Knitting Tips.

This will attract new folks to her email list and begin to grow her followers to well beoyond those that walk in off the streets.

Step Three: Monetization!

Begin creating offers that are value driven and again relevant to her niche.  These might be a pattern she came across that when done is an incredible gift for the holidays…then take it one step further and package the pattern and the correct amount of yarn it takes to complete it and make the offer…shipping it directly to the online customer.

This process begins to create a client base that reaches far beyond the brick and mortar of the store she owns and is a great step in stablizing the revenues of her seasonal location.

Within step three she could also begin to create and offer online workshops on how to projects…all taped and in the can to be distributed on demand.  Meaning once the workshop is recorded it can be watched when the customer wants to watch it and does not have to be watched live.

This is again a great way to begin leveraging her incredible talent and products to add value and build a great revenue stream, even when the flow of walk-ins are not wlaking in.

Now it’s your turn. What business could you do the exact same thing and create a new or several new stream of income from your product or service that does not now exist, but could with video?

Would you like a business suggestion?  Send me a brief description of your business and I will send you back a few ideas of how you can leverage your niche using video.

Just go to the contact page and in the subject line enter (niche)

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