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The Future and How Video(already)Plays A Massive Part

Posted on: August 29, 2012
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I remember a few years ago a company came out that had built a regular looking phone with the capability to have a video call.  In fact it was so ready to help change and revolutionize the way in which we communicate one of its spokespeople was Donald Trump.

The product was even used and featured on one season of the apprentice…

Unfortunately I cannot even remember the name of the company…

But I do however remember a company that has revolutionized the way we search, gather and share our information on the internet, Youtube.

Today as I write this I know that 1 hour of video is uploaded every second to Youtube…and it isn’t all cats or babies (no offense to cats or babies)

  • The Gorilla on the Couch

    Here is a real mind numbing fact

  • 4 BILLION, yes Billion videos are viewed EVERY Day.
  • Over 800 million unique visitors (meaning different and not the same) visit Youtube each month

And while I have a long list of WOW facts I want to round out this one before moving on.

  • More video is uploaded to Youtube in 1 month (yes month) than the 3 major networks created in 60 years!!

What does all this mean?

It means we would rather watch a video than read a long copy. Whether it be an advertisement, story you name. We’d rather watch it.

Because of this studies from Harvard Business Review report the power of video with the following metrics:

  • A message written will average a 20% retention rate as apposed to video which blows it out of the water at 70% retention…no wonder newspaper advertising has suffered.

So have you already jumped in front of the camera and become part of the monthly or hourly download craze on Youtube?

And Google loves video…as I have written in other posts, when you add video to your site it is 50 X more likely to rank on the first page of a site just like it without video.

Waiting will not help you. It will only make the market more complex and crowded as more and more people push their ideas and wares on you with a homemade or professionally created video, in an effort to get your attention.

I want to wrap this post up with a thought.

  • When people get on the internet, 90% of the activity is doing 1 specific thing.  This one specific act is search…

Think about that a moment…people, like you and me when we get on the internet we are searching.

It might be for a restaurant or a movie theater or a hair stylist or a pet groomer…and if you are one of those without a video and your fellow business associate has one, you will be harder and harder to find in the sea of choices.


In the next post I want to give you some tips on how to create unique and relevant content that builds value to your valued current and future customers…

Using Simple Logic To Improve Your Golf Game

Posted on: August 13, 2012
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Using logic to improve every area of your game is not only the fastest, but obviously…well more logical!

Let me give 3 simple steps, using logic, that everyone can use and implement to improve every area of your game:

I always like to begin with controlling your golf ball and discuss direction. The reason being if a person can control the direction they’re hitting the ball and it becomes predictable versus a surprise then much of the pressure is off. So let’s cover the two things that determine a balls direction.

Step One:

  • Path of the Club – as simple as this sounds it is one of the most critical in a balls direction.  From a logical point of view it is not uncommon how many times a person will be hitting a ball and be surprised or upset that a ball does not go in the desired direction.  For instance a person who hits it right of their target can and should be tracked back to what the path of the club was doing…
  • Should the path of the club travel from inside your target line to outside it must fly in that direction as well, and to expect anything different is illogical
  • Should the path of the club travel from outside the target line to inside the target line again it must fly in that direction.
  • Potential Ultimate Goal – club travels on the desired target line…ball must fly in that direction.
  • (as long as the face is perpendicular to that path the ball will fly straight…this is logical because it lacks sidespin)

Step Two:

  • Face of the Club – I often describe this as being like your finger…if its not pointed at your target at impact it will not travel  towards the target when struck.
  • The face of the club at impact shows up as the ball begins to lose its forward momentum and the spin of the ball takes over.
  • If the clubface is open to your line at impact and the path is correct, your ball will curve in that direction as it loses speed and spin takes over…So the shot starts at your target and then curves
  • if the clubface is closed to your line at impact and the path is correct, your ball will curve in that direction as it loses speed and the spin takes over…So the shot begins at your target and then curves

Step Three:

  • Contact – this is when a player strikes the ball solidly, not only feeling the best to the player but also delivering the best chance to get max distance and direction.
  • proper contact is in simple logical terms when the ball is struck first and when proper(no divots with a driver) a divot will occur afterwards.

Logically if a person is not hitting it straight the goal should be to get the club traveling down the target line with a clubface square or perpendicular to get the ball flying straight.  Then as a player achieves this then focus can go towards making good contact.

Logically speaking you can now diagnose and prescribe why your ball does what it does and then work on correcting those areas that need work…remember keep it simple and logical.


Golf Tip – Cell Phone Etiquette

Posted on: August 9, 2012
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When it comes to bringing a cell phone to the golf course Jeff and Amy cover a few of the do’s and don’ts one should follow to help stay out of hot water and off the radar of the Head Golf Professional.

Just watch the video explaining these simple rules of the road and the only ringing you’ll be hearing are the ones on Sunday morning!

And of course to get on our Free Monthly Golf Tip email list click on over to www.swingpointmedia.com



Cell Phone Etiquette



Golf Tip – Casual Water

Posted on: August 3, 2012
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Ok, so you’ve hit it right down the middle of the fairway and when you arrive you notice the fairway is a bit wet.  In fact it’s downright sloppy.

As you begin to take your stance you notice that water is coming up around the sides of your shoes.

In your brain the question comes up “do I have to hit from this lie or do I get to move my ball?”

The good news is if the wet conditions are temporary, meaning that the accumulation of water was not intended, then is has a name called “Casual Water”, and no you do not have to hit from the sloppy conditions.

Watch this video  with Jeff Harrison (that’s me) and my business partner, Amy Anderson and LPGA Professional explain the what to do’s if you ever find yourself in this condition and how to identify it…you may be a little surprised.


Also make sure to follow the link that allows you to get on our Etiquette Moments weekly videos where we cover rules, pace of play ideas and of course etiquette when it comes to golf!

You can also slip over to www.swingpointmedia.com to see other videos and to sign up for our free monthly golf lesson video.



Casual Water

How to Hit the Ball Straighter…and Lose Fewer Balls

Posted on: July 25, 2012
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My goal with this article is to completely pull the curtain back and once and for all share with every reader the absolute factual undeniable truth as to what it takes to hit the ball straighter so you lose fewer balls!

So let’s jump right in.

Hitting the ball straight requires two (2) things to occur at time of contact. That’s right only two, not half a dozen.  And it requires no acrobatic moves that will take to the emergency ceter.

Step One:

The face of the club must be square to the target line when it hits the ball…that’s it. It hits the ball perpendicular to the target line and because it does it puts spin on the ball that we call backspin, versus side spine meaning the ball will fly straight.


Step Two:

When the clubface strikes the ball squarely (perpendicular to the target line), the path the club is traveling must be traveling straight or parallel to your target.


OK, so stop picking those long needles into the voodoo doll…Because what I just shared with you such a small percentage of people we teach and have taught over the past 20+ years knew these two things.

Can you imagine? I mean someone takes a lesson, pays someone $100 an the instructor may or may not have explained this simple fact…not theory, but fact.

This is partially criminal, but that’s a whole ‘nother post…

So go out there and work on these two simple things, keeping the club travleing down the target line and then make sure the clubface is square to that same target line.

Now as a bonus I created this video with my teaching partner Amy Anderson, showing you how to get better at this through a couple of again simple drills.

My way of saying, hey this game while one of the best, can drive a person whacky if you don’t know how to control the direction of your shots.

Just click the link and it will take you right to the video…and if you like this I am going to invite you to then sign up for our free monthly golf tips videos.

I’d also love to have you give me your feedback in the comments section letting me know if you found the videos helpful to improving your game.

Click here For Video

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