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Student Testimonial From Supervised Practices – Patrick from Ireland

Posted on: November 30, 2014
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Teaching continues to be so rewarding.  Especially when students we meet who have played for years and taken instruction before, and still love the game, but would love to play better…and we can help them achieve this goal.

We teach a program called supervised practice, which I developed many years ago for my members and students while the Direction of Instruction at Mission Hills Country Club.

It is a supervised session where a student can come, no matter what ability level, get one on one instruction and specific drills to help them practice more effectively.  Once we get a student on track with a drill, we move to the next student and do the same.

Because we have two instructors at once, we do this in the full swing area as well as short game.  So when a student needs or wants help in either area, as professional is there to make sure they are practicing the right things and they are getting better.

Most people, when practicing can be easily distracted and before they know it, have hit a bunch of balls and not really focused on one or two specific items…we stay with you to help keep the student on track.

Each session is 90 minutes. This means the instructors are available during this time and the student may come and go as they wish. So if they show up half way through they’re not late and if they’ve had enough an hour in to the 90 minutes that can leave.

I think this is why this program has been so successful for now almost two decades…practice while being supervised…

Join us on Wednesdays or Fridays from 830-10am…but sign up early as we do restrict class size to a max of 10 for best student to teacher ratio….this by the way is individualized instruction and NOT a group clinic.

call 970-333-7869 to sign up or amy@swingpointmedia.com

Each session is only $40

Friday Afternoon Rant -Tiger Woods and Other Elite Golfers

Posted on: February 28, 2014
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OK, so it’s Friday afternoon and I am watching the sky clear after a morning of much needed rain here in Southern California…and while I am waiting for the skies to clear I see players like Tiger Woods, specifically, struggling to make the cut in the Honda Classic in Florida.


The telecaster, while I was watching, also mentioned Padraig Harrington and his issues with finding his game, its been 3 years…BAAAAHHH!

I have to ask, virtually of course, since its just me and this keyboard, where are the instructors who are teaching these elite players?  And just as important a question is what the heck are the GURU’s teaching them that causes a player, who makes their living practicing and playing golf 8-10 hours a day, struggle to understand simple things…

Simple things like what has to happen to make their ball go straight….no I am not talking about all the nuances…I am talking about simple facts supported by physics.


So Easy A Baby Can Do It

These are the physics we teach our students daily who get it.  And in an extremely short period can have some pretty darned good command of the direction the ball is headed when they hit it.

And by the way…this is not rocket science.  Brand New Students attending our clinic this past Wednesday?>>>>yes they were able to hit straight shots in minutes of understanding what it took.

For instance, to hit a straight ball the club has to contact the ball with the face square (or pointed at their target) at impact while the path the club travels is also traveling on this same line.

When a player, no matter what skill level does this, the ball, which has no ill feeling towards you or me and cannot make independent decisions, MUST TRAVEL STRAIGHT!

I am going to get off this soap box right here…mainly because the next issue facing golfers, distance (more distance) is really not an issue in today’s PGA and LPGA Players.

But if you’re interested in what it takes to hit it further, let me know and I will send you a video showing you how to get more yardage, again by applying simple physics that won’t hurt your back or make you grunt like Sharipova returning a serve from Venus Williams!

In the meantime, just click How To Hit It Straight Drill Video and then go do what hundreds or our students do….hit it where they are aiming!

Whew, I think I need a nap!


Putting and Controlling Direction

Posted on: January 19, 2013
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Whe we discuss direction, two factors play a role; the direction the clubface is pointing at impact and the second being the path the club is traveling when it strikes the ball.

So if you’re having trouble say hitting putts that always seem to curve at the end, even when a break is not present, then chances are you have the face less that square or pointed at your target at contact…

And if you strike putts that immediately are off line, then it is a path issue.  In the video above we go into a simple drill on how to determine if its path or clubface…or quite frankly both and more importantly how to get them both doing what they should be doing more consistently.

Enjoy this golf swing tip on Putting and Direction Control and for more, make sure you sign up for  our monthly golf tips…


Golf Tip – Who Plays First – Honor

Posted on: December 19, 2012
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In golf you have 3 distinctive sections to the Rules of Golf;  Definitions, Etiquette and the Rules.

We as golfers should know how to play the game as well as under what rules we should play.  Talk to any person who knows the rules of golf well and ask them what area you should have the best knowledge of and they will often times say, the definitions!

The reason for this is after a person knows the definitions, this answers about 90% of the rules questions.

In this post we want to cover the definition called Honors.

Who Plays First?

This simply means, who plays first when on the tee box.  The person who had the lowest score on the previous hole has the honors to play first from the next tee as they have earned the honors to go first by completing the previous hole in fewest strokes.

For more on the subject make sure to head over to http://www.swingpointmedia.com and sign up for the free weekly videos that cover a new rules, etiquette or definition each week.




Honor In Golf

Golf Tip – How to Play Faster No Back Tracking

Posted on: December 12, 2012
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Join Jeff Harrison and Amy Anderson in another episode of how to enjoy the game of golf even more.
Pace of play is always on the mind of folks and Jeff and Amy share another simple tip called No Back Tracking.
In this episode learn how to be aware of where your next shot may come from and without running or breaking a sweat, you’re going to naturally play faster…
Make sure to visit their site http:www.swingpointmedia.com and sign up for free weekly golf tip videos!


No Back Tracking

Etiquette Moments – When is a Ball Holed?

Posted on: November 9, 2012
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Etiquette goes beyond just knowing who gets the flag or where to stand when someone is hitting so you don’t disturb them.  It also includes knowing the rules and definitions for the game we play called golf.

In this post we want to discuss and share a video that covers defining a ball being holed.

A ball is holed when it technically comes to rest in the bottom of the cup…and not before when our golfing buddies in a stroke play round tell us the putt is good and we pick it up…it must be holed or come to rest at the bottom of the cup.  In other words no such things as gimmies in a stroke play competition.

Although when you are in a match play event, you may be given a putt that is not technically holed.  The putt is considered given meaning if you’ve struck it, as an example, 3 prior strokes, the score is a 4. (meaning it would have gone in the hole with 1 additional stroke but is given by your opponent)

So enjoy this video insertion by Jeff Harrison and Amy Anderson explaining Ball Holed.





Golf Tip – Cell Phone Etiquette

Posted on: August 9, 2012
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When it comes to bringing a cell phone to the golf course Jeff and Amy cover a few of the do’s and don’ts one should follow to help stay out of hot water and off the radar of the Head Golf Professional.

Just watch the video explaining these simple rules of the road and the only ringing you’ll be hearing are the ones on Sunday morning!

And of course to get on our Free Monthly Golf Tip email list click on over to www.swingpointmedia.com



Cell Phone Etiquette



Golf Tip – Casual Water

Posted on: August 3, 2012
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Ok, so you’ve hit it right down the middle of the fairway and when you arrive you notice the fairway is a bit wet.  In fact it’s downright sloppy.

As you begin to take your stance you notice that water is coming up around the sides of your shoes.

In your brain the question comes up “do I have to hit from this lie or do I get to move my ball?”

The good news is if the wet conditions are temporary, meaning that the accumulation of water was not intended, then is has a name called “Casual Water”, and no you do not have to hit from the sloppy conditions.

Watch this video  with Jeff Harrison (that’s me) and my business partner, Amy Anderson and LPGA Professional explain the what to do’s if you ever find yourself in this condition and how to identify it…you may be a little surprised.


Also make sure to follow the link that allows you to get on our Etiquette Moments weekly videos where we cover rules, pace of play ideas and of course etiquette when it comes to golf!

You can also slip over to www.swingpointmedia.com to see other videos and to sign up for our free monthly golf lesson video.



Casual Water

Etiquette Moments – Tees Are Trash Too

Posted on: July 29, 2012
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We’ve all seen them…broken tees all over the tee box.  But did you ever stop to realize tees are trash too and if you just walk away it’s like leaving trash on the ground.

What should you do? Jeff and Amy of SwingPointMedia share some quick tips on as a golfer what is your role when it comes to tees.

Etiquette Moments – Who Gets The Flag?

Posted on: July 22, 2012
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Jeff and Amy help in one of their very early videos produced, who gets the flagstick and who puts it back?  Enjoy this sometimes confusing process made simple.

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