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Golf Lesson – Controlling Your Distance When Putting

Posted on: December 29, 2012
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When working to improve your golf game it is critical that one learns early on how to control the distance they roll the ball when putting…seems pretty simple right?  Yet more and more people are able to get the ball 350 yards in 2 or 3 shots, yet walk away with a 6 or higher due to inability to control their putting distances.

Putting should be the easy part right…i mean you’ve already maneuvered the ball several hundred yards in most cases in just a few shots, ones that allow you to apply brute force I might add…and then you have to have the touch and finesse of a diamond cutter!

Well when you want to become a better putter and lower your scores the number one way to do this, as I have seen with my students over the past 2+decades has been through putting…specifically by being able, upon demand to control how far they roll the ball each time.

So here’s the secret…

I want you to develop a process whereby when you are ready to put, just like driving your car down the road and the speed limit sign guides you as to how fast you drive…the same holds true with putting.

Physics tells us speed times mass equals distance…not length of stroke or how hard you hit it (we want a stroke versus a hit) so the speed of our power source will determine the distance it goes…

So we want to set up a process, much like a filing system in our home offices, when we get an electric bill we know after its been paid it goes in the electric company file folder.

So when we have a putt of say 6 steps away, we know what speed is necessary to make the ball roll this distance…or any other distance we encounter.

In the video below we walk you right through it…step by step


2 Responses to “Golf Lesson – Controlling Your Distance When Putting”

  1. Jim Says:

    Hi Jeff, I’ve had a chance to practice after Wed. lesson, but not out on the course, maybe this weekend. I love the concept and believe it will give me more confidence and hopefully, more birdies and pars. Thanks.

  2. swing Says:

    excellent Jim looking forward to the feedback and how this exercise and new way to build control on the speed of your putts, no matter where you play, had an effect on your scores!

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