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How Can I Enjoy The Game As a Beginner? Without Ruining Everyone Else’s Game!

Posted on: May 1, 2013
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Often times people approach the game of golf with trepidation…maybe because in theory it seems so simple yet can be so difficult…

I mean all we have to do is hit this little white ball into a hole that is plenty big enough right? And then we simply do this for the course of the round, be 9 or 18 holes…hmm seems pretty simple.

Yet when we get out there as a beginner we find that making contact is not only a trick, but then when contact is made there’s this other thing called direction we have to contend with…

As new players begin the game, especially when playing with a friend or spouse who may be a person who has played a while (I almost wrote better player, which is far from accurate) has invited you to play and while you’re out there they want to give you advice.

Now this advice is meant to help you enjoy the game and the afternoon or day…unfortunately in many cases it can add to massive frustration and could result in one never really wanting to return. Let me explain…

Let’s say you have been asked to ride bikes…you’ve never ridden a bike before by the way…and your friend not only asks you to ride bikes but also is taking you on a very challenging rife through the mountains on trails.

Now they have been doing this trail ride for years and they enjoy the part where they ride alongside a drop off into a canyon that seems to go forever and the trails barely allows for your tires to stay on the mountain…

So let’s just say on this ride you fall down a few times and skin your hands and legs up and the next day you wake up sore and bruised…

The next time a friend calls and suggests bike riding are you real anxious to go?  I can guess probably not.


In my opinion it’s because the experience as a new person on a bike…now let’s get back to golf, the experience was not a pleasant one…what our loved one or friend thought was a great experience was too difficult with too many factors to calculate and cause mental and physical anguish…oh fun right! While you’re at it will you please pull out my eyebrows!

But wait there is hope!

I am going to suggest a different method…one that will make everyone’s day more enjoyable, including those behind you making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as they watch you take your 5th swack with the driver on the 3rd tee…

I am going to call it the Two-Club Method.

The rules of golf permit you to can carry as many as 14 clubs legally.  But to actually play… you are only required to have at least one. So why, if you’re a beginner, would you get out there and have 14 clubs to choose from, when you really have no idea what they all do or when or how to use them?

Time for a different approach!

What I want you to do is take two clubs and enjoy the day and the experience.  Take your putter and one other club (no not the driver)!  Take your 7 iron or your 9 iron.  And then use this club to tee off with and to hit every shot until your ball is on the green.

And to keep it more enjoyable, you might even want to drop your ball in the fairway at the 150 yard marker and avoid the whole teeing off program for now!  Like taking a ride in the park where it’s flat and smooth with lots of grass to land on should you fall! J Versus walking on glass with no shoes!

In addition to playing the Two-Club Method…put a limit on your stroke count.  On each hole say to your friends or playing partners, when your score reaches double par, you’re going to pick up and enjoy the day and re-start on the next hole….do this at the beginning so everyone knows your intent and doesn’t feel sorry for you.


Now my one piece of advice for all beginners (or all levels actually) is giving you the answer to one simple question that comes up often…”how do I hit my ball straight?”  I have included a link below that will help you understand my next line…when the club is traveling towards your target and the face of the club is square or facing the target at impact, it has to go straight…simple right…that’s how you can enjoy playing golf as a newbie and allow everyone to have fun, enjoy your company and want to play again and again!

Just click the link below for a video I created to show you how to hit the ball straight…I call it the six tee drill…it’s a little drill you can do on the range to help get better at not only knowing what you have to do to make it go straight, but how to actually make it happen on purpose…Click the link and please feel free to give me feedback and share with a friend!

Be sure to also check out our new site when it comes out. http://www.theonlinegolfclinic.com

It will be packed with golf instruction videos from the grip to how to take it to the course!

In the meantime, enjoy the six tee drill below.

Six Tee Drill Video

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