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Tiger Woods + Augusta National = Green Jacket

Posted on: April 13, 2013
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The season for golf, when it comes to the majority of the United States begins to come into focus right about now…because The Masters becomes a true sign of spring.

I know we have the groundhog that posps its head out to see or not see its shadow to determine more or less winter…but for golfers, Augusta and the rows and rows of brightly blooming flowers and sounds of balls being hit off #1 tee and the roars from 15 when something amazing or unexpected happens is our true sign spring has arrived!

As I write this, in the early hours of day 3, I mean Saturday morning of the Masters I reflect on how excited I was when I first saw Tiger Woods burst onto the scene and play his first Masters as a Professional…

And then on day 2 how he very quickly began to show he is again the number 1 player in the world as he methodically made his way around this magnificent patch of grass in Georgia and climbed, what seemed effortlessly to the top of the leaderboard…wow spring had arrived and Tiger was truly on his way again to reach his goal…reach and exceed 18 majors in his career.

But then something happened…something unexpected.  He reached hole 15…a very reachable par 5.

Tiger was position “A” hitting his third shot from what I am sure a perfect distance for the wedge shot he would love to have….

The swing and contact were unmistakable…the Champion was in his element…this ball was flying right at the hole, seeking another birdie to take another shot from par and extend a lead on the incredible deep field…

Except this shot, the shot that for golfers, should he not go on to take the Green Jacket and the Trophy and his 15 Major in just 36 hours from now…could be the “Shot Heard Round the World”.

Because instead of his ball taking one hop and checking within or very close to a mere formality…strikes the flag and like a rabbit being chased by a bloodhound, scurries in the the creek just on front of the green.

Now for most this would be a dagger to upend a great round…and yes while Tiger went on to finish now trailing the leader, young Jason Day, by 3…he is now prowling, lurking like a Tiger that had his feast just get away when he had it right where he wants it…

Tiger Woods will bounce back and in my opinion get his 15th Major at the end of the day on Sunday…not because I am a die hard Tiger Fan, but rather he has done what so many great champions in so many sports before and after him will do to rise to that status:

He has done the extra, he has done the extra reps on and off the range and given failure a beating it cannot take or hold him back…and he know and feels, yes feels like he is back and ready to make one more dominant run to the Top of The LeaderBoard…

Stop and smell the flowers at Augusta and Enjoy Round 3 and 4 of The 2013 Masters


Who do you think has the juice and the internal power, if not Tiger to win this years Masters?  Post your comment and let’s see.

3 Responses to “Tiger Woods + Augusta National = Green Jacket”

  1. Robbie Says:

    Nicely written.

    I think that Brandt Snedeker is nicely positioned and ready for his low rounds to come, providing that his previous rib injury doesn’t flair up.

  2. Kal Says:

    I do NOT think he should withdraw! Effectively, he lost 3 and possibly 4 shots, by hitting the pin and going in the water, plus a 2 stroke penalty. If he overcomes that to win, it’s a great achievement, especially considering the psychology of the situation.


  3. Cameron McCune Says:

    I agree with you. I think Tiger has proven that he can turn adversity into a win.

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