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USGA and Mr. Nager Get Real(?) About Slow Play

Posted on: February 5, 2013
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USGA and President Mr. Nager Get Real About Slow Play

USGA Wages War on Slow Play

On Monday February 4th in the online golf publication Global Golf Post an article was shared from featuring the USGA President, Glen D. Nager, from their annual association meeting  in San Diego California, making a stand on slow play and how important this is for the good of the game. 

As a golf professional who has been doing this successfully for about a quarter century, in my opinion, it was missing the mark completely.
Let me explain as I mean no disresp

ect to the USGA or Mr. Nager.“As part of this effort, Nager voiced his support for nine-hole rounds. We must also recognize that regardless of pace of play, many golfer simply do not have time for 18 holes of golf”

My take-away on this article and

comment concerning “the war on slow play” had very little to do with how to play faster and more on how to reduce overall time with the solution to cut the round in half versus real alternative answers that can be shared by country clubs and courses, along with every player on what their responsibility is when they hit the links.

The average golfer does not know really how to play the game

 beyond the rudimentary basics like what is a tee box, a green, a driver.  Again this is not meant in any disrespect to golfers and addressing more of the nuances of the game.

An example is, as a Teacher of the game, when I ask a

 golfer what two things must be present simultaneously to hit a straight shot…rarely do they know…

Or when I query about the correct procedure if a ball were to be hit out of bounds and what options do they can or must follow…again very unclear.

Now I could go on and on, but I feel the answers lie in

 education and not just more enforcement of “laws” that the average golfer does not really know and worse does not understand how much quicker and enjoyable the round could be if they knew these things.

I would be remiss if i did not mention the things like, when your group is on the green, who should be pulling the flag, and when done who is responsible for putting it back?

How about knowing who’s turn it is when you’re all standin

We have created a series of videos addressing every one of these issues and more.  Ranging from how to dress, to where to park the cart to cell phone etiquette.  You name it we have created the video to help others understand how they are to handle themselves on the course…almost every one would have a positive impact on pace of play….and as a bonus condition of the course.

I would say every golf club, yes every golf club should be sending these out to anyone in their database, every week…so each week they would receive a short 1-3 minute video covering the different topics and help them become more educated and learn the rules of the road and have more fun.

A golf club, by contacting us, swingpointmedia,(760-413-3508, Jeff Harrison) can have a custom made email template, branded from their club, and a new video each and every week to send to their database for a very low fee of $59 a month.
And should an individual want to become a weekly recipient, just go to www.golfetiquette.tv and sign up for the free weekly Etiquette Moment Videos.

Let’s make a difference and keep this game moving in the right direction…by the way the PGA of America, The LPGA and Golf HAll of Fame have all given green lights on these videos and have written about them and shared the idea…right now we share them around the globe…so go now to www.golfetiquette.tv and sign up today

g in the fairway?  Or how much time do you really have when its your turn to execute your shot?
When I ask this question I get anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes…further supporting the answer to the issue…hard to do what someone does not know is right or wrong.

In closing i cannot tell you (and I know fellow professionals


and rangers know what I am talking about) when slow play has occurred and I would drive out to see what’s going on and the group is out of position, meaning they have fallen more than a hole behind the group in front…yet they will say something like “well the group behind us isn’t waiting on us”  yet they are 1 or 2 holes behind.

Thus the 5 hour round Mr. Nager refers to in his comments as the ones hurting the game and it’s growth.

Okay onto a solution.

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